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About Us

G.L.C. Straps is an online store that offers exclusively handmade straps using carefully selected materials, often unusual, designed to stimulate the taste and attention of those who want to make their vintage or contemporary model even more original. Master craftsmen select the best leathers and interact with a team of fashion experts. The result is new creations, able to make the most of both the watch and the owner's taste. The case, the movement, the dial and the strap are the parts that make up a watch, but it is only the fourth element, the strap, which can connote and differentiate the owner of the timepiece itself.

Our passion

G.L.C. Straps is in fact aimed at enthusiasts, collectors, lovers of beautiful watchmaking who are able to appreciate the uniqueness and originality of their products and was created to satisfy the enthusiast who wants to wear a watch made unique on his wrist. strap out of the ordinary.
Our greatest satisfaction is to give a second life to vintage watches of the 40s or 50s, thanks to a strap made ad hoc with specific fabrics, fashionable, technical or military, or in an exotic leather, with bright colors. and high-end saddlery finishes.
We believe that nothing is ever taken for granted and that the elegance of the details, the quality of the materials and the chromatic or material combination can restore life and interest to any model.

Our Story

The passion for watches and love for vintage is where Massimiliano Cox, the Roman entrepreneur who founded G.L.C. Project, a totally Italian company that
produces handcrafted watch straps, handcrafted by expert craftsmen with the use of carefully and precisely selected materials.
The entrepreneur has combined his passion with the craftsmanship and quality of Made in Italy, thus obtaining characteristic products that within a few years have been recognized and appreciated by millions of people around the world.

Massimiliano Cox
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